About Food Shelf Friday

Mission Vision Values

The concept of Food Shelf Friday: Every Friday (or whatever day of the week works for you, there is nothing magical about Friday), participating families exchange their usual dinner for the kind of simple meal people get when they visit a food shelf.  At the same time, they purchase the identical ingredients to donate.  By simplifying our dinner we can provide dinner for another family without incurring any additional cost.

The point of this exercise is to experience in a small way and to begin to appreciate the challenges of food insecurity. It also makes us better donors as we learn to appreciate the value of whole grains, low sodium canned goods, etc.

FSF meals include:
Tuna Helper and veggies (1 box Tuna Helper, 2 cans of Tuna, two cans of veggies)
Pancakes and fruit (1 box of pancake mix, 1 plastic container of syrup, 1-2 cans of fruit)
Spaghetti and veggies (1 package of dry pasta, 1 can or plastic jar of pasta sauce, 1-2 cans of veggies)
Soup (canned or dry soup, stew, or chili and a shelf stable bread product like muffin or cornbread mix)
Rice & Beans (1 lb bag of rice, canned or dry beans, cans of additional veggie ingredients like tomatoes)

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