New Year’s Resolutions that Save Lives!

New Years Resolutions

Confession: I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to resolutions. I rarely make them because I know no one keeps them. I used to work in a gym’s childcare center.  Every year in January and February the parking lot would be full. The locker room would be full. The childcare center would be full. And by March, resolutions faded and we were back to just the regulars. The regulars and staff hated the January crush of new members hogging all the space. We all knew that it was just a phase, and while it lasted the “resolutioners” were clogging up the system.

I have new resolutions this year, something that’s not about me, and I think that’s a plan that will help me make resolutions that stick. Plus, sharing them with you creates accountability, and that helps too (I hope!).

  1. Blog every week – 52 posts that keep me thinking about the hungry and researching solutions.
  2. Participate in Food Shelf Friday 50 of 52 weeks in 2015. If for some reason a Friday doesn’t work, I give myself permission to hold the FSF meal on another night of the week.  It’s not about the day of the week; it’s about simplifying for the sake of providing more food for my food shelf.
  3. Participate in packing meals at Feed My Starving Children 6 times in 2015. My family participates in their M&M tube fundraiser. We bought tubes of mini-M&Ms at FMSC, and after we enjoyed the chocolate, we hold on to the tubes and fill them with quarters.  Each tube holds $12.  We plan to go to FMSC when our three tubes are filled, but life happens and we always have to wait for everyone to get healthy, or for the stars to align on our schedules.  This year, I’m making it a priority.

How about you? What resolutions are you setting for 2015, and what do you do to make sure your resolutions stick better than the people at the gym?

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