A Roast of Developed World Culture – First World Problems

First World Problems

We know just how blessed, lucky, and fortunate we are here in the developed world. Very real problems exist everywhere (even here!), but in general the things we worry about are a lot more trivial than the life threatening wars, disease, and food/water scarcity faced by other parts of the world. When our eyes are fixed on the things going on close to home in this very brief moment, it’s easy to lose that global perspective and fixate on the little inconveniences that irritate us. The poor majority of the world can only dream of the kind of decadent, wasteful extravagance we complain about. So today I thought it would be fun to laugh at ourselves – a roast of first world culture. We recognize our imperfections, so we can laugh at ourselves! Laughter may actually be the best medicine when it comes to curing our lazy and entitled tendencies.

Who better to serve as “roast master” than Weird Al? He makes laughing at modern culture an art form, and of course that includes our so-called first world problems.

Isn’t that funny? Of course it’s over the top, but that’s part of the fun. Even spoiled Americans don’t usually have a gardener, take hour long showers, or throw fits because the fridge is too full, but the exaggeration comes from a true place (ouch), and it’s a fun video.

I did some digging around on Pinterest (all hail Pinterest, keeper of all over-the-top ideas!), and came across these first world problems…

– My hand is too fat to reach the bottom of the Pringles can
– My sandwich is too full of meat and cheese to fit in my mouth
– My shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time (Same with chips and dip, or hotdogs and buns. Why don’t they match up?)
– My grocery cart wobbles and pulls to one side
– I tried to spread cold butter and my bread ripped
– My snack is too crunchy; I can’t hear the TV
– My bananas are ripening too fast (The struggle is real, people. Organic fruit is expensive. I mean, I guess I could actually buy smaller bunches, but then I would have to shop again too soon. Woe is me…)
– I’m trying to text at red lights but I keep hitting them all green
– My battery is low, but the charger is way over there
– Starbucks doesn’t deliver and pumpkin lattes are only available seasonally
– My Raisin Bran had too many raisins this morning
– There is no food in the kitchen, just ingredients to make food
– I had to park in the back and walk in to the gym (Seriously. I’ve seen this MANY times. If you’re not toting babies or dealing with bad weather, why are you driving around for a better spot so you can go in and walk/run inside???)

And my personal favorite, “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open?” – that’s an ACTUAL book title. I checked Amazon; you can buy it (it’s a teen devotional). The reviews are hilarious (Click HERE for funny reviews).

I hope you enjoyed a giggle or two that will remind you to check your perspective next time you feel frustrated about something dumb. There are a ton of funny “first world problems” jokes/memes out there – leave your favorite in the comments!

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